AdMonsters Great Big 2020 Webinar Replay

In 2020, 3,000+ Monsters registered to attend one of AdMonsters webinars, with topics ranging from Identity to Privacy to Cookies, and more.

We provide these webinars free-of-cost to attendees and often follow up with a video replay and/or summary highlights, as well as share slides from the presentation.

As we come to the close of the year, we figured it was a good idea to roll up all these great webinars we had this year into one mega-post for the folks who weren’t able to attend, and even for the ones who just want to revisit them.

Webinar Replay: The Revenue Boost You Could Use Right Now

Ad-blocking users are too often written off as “lost traffic” when studies show they can help revenue efforts when given the right incentives—anything from less intrusive advertising to the ability to pay cash for content. Considering ad-blocking users can average 15% of traffic, that’s potential revenue you should start capturing immediately.

This webinar will help you understand the various approaches to re-engaging the highly active, tech-savvy and educated audience using ad blockers, while also examining what we can learn from ad blocking user behavior in building more user-friendly ad products and sustainable monetization strategies for a new digital media age. Access the presentation and the replay here!

Webinar Replay: Debunking Authentication Myths

The slow demise of third-party cookies has left the advertising ecosystem awash in uncertainty—and a good deal of fear. Beyond the anxiety, publishers need to understand that this is actually an opportunity to reboot our industry and rebuild it based on trusted engagement. At the center of this movement is user authentication, but a great deal of confusion surrounds the process—even over what the term means.

This webinar, with LiveRamp, busts three prevailing myths about publisher authentication while sharing how the right strategy can drive success not just for you, but also the advertisers and audiences you serve. Watch the replay.

Personalization Power With a Push: Top 5 Takeaways

“How do publishers get more info on non-logged-in users or anonymous users? Have them sign up for a newsletter or a push notification. Match them to the content they care about to get more engagement,” explained Kupietzky.

On June 18, AdMonsters hosted a webinar with Powerinbox, Personalization Power at Scale featuring Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, Powerinbox; Max Dennis, Director of Audience Development, Assembly; and Chip Schaible, Director of National Account Sales, IQVIA. The webinar examined the intricacies of this burgeoning channel while highlighting its growing revenue potential. Check out the recap and the video replay.

Driving Revenue Through Deeper Audience Connections

“If you don’t innovate you evaporate,” said multimedia maven and nationally syndicated radio host Kim Komando.

Komando was speaking at a recent AdMonsters Webinar, Multichannel Messaging Made Easy, about how she connects with her tech and media-savvy audience across multiple channels, learns from their feedback, and then uses that information to shape her messaging and monetization strategies while building deeper trust with her community. (Sign up to watch the replay on-demand now!)

Hello First-Party Data Strategy

Digital Trends was a lot like most publishers. Unable to fully activate against audience data because of limitations around third-party cookies in Safari and Firefox, the team knew they were leaving a lot of money on the table. After phases of research and planning, it landed on a solution.

In a recent AdMonsters Webinar with Permutive, Goodbye Cookie, Hello New Data Strategy, Nathan Bell, SVP, Data and Business Analytics and Rachael McCombs, Sr. Director of Ad and Media Operations shared why Digital Trends decided to work with Permutive and how it is developing its first-party data strategy.

Webinar Replay: Is This the Rebound?

This wide-ranging, intimate discussion on October 8, 2020—Is This the Rebound?—with the support of eyeo, brought together a panel of revenue specialists from the US and Europe to talk about what publishers expect during the fourth quarter, how they’re preparing for an uncertain future beyond that, and how their audience relationships are evolving. Watch the video recap.

Webinar Replay: The Login Play

During our Nov. 5, 2020 webinar, “The Login Play,” AdMonsters explored logins through several vantage points, including the potential for single sign-on alliances, thanks to remarkable panelists Claire Groves, Head of Ad Operations at Haymarket Automotive; Achim Schlosser, CTO of the netid Foundation; and Lisa Bouam, Director of Business Development at eyeo. Check out the video replay.

Yes, Virginia—You Can Sell First-Party Data

Now that the third-party cookie is on its farewell tour, publishers are warily giving their first-party data another look, but a big question remains: how do publishers actually sell first-party data marketplaces and garner advertiser interest?

During an AdMonsters Webinar on Nov. 12, 2020, Insider Inc.’s VP of Programmatic Sales Chris Ryan showed how to do that, sharing Insider’s experience bringing its SAGA first-party data product to market and winning over skeptical advertisers. The full webinar, shared here by Permutive, is worth a watch—check out these highlights.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table: Bridging the Reporting-to-Optimization Gap

Deriving insights from reporting is almost as difficult as compiling said reporting from ever-fragmented tech stacks. But then turning around and executing on those insights quick enough to jump on hot trends? Oh boy, another Herculean effort.

Our webinar—From Analytics to Revenue Optimization in Record Time with Exigent Digital and TapClicks—November 19, 2020, provided publishers with several strategies they could immediately take to their reporting and optimization workflows. We also went a step further and analyzed where automation can build a ridiculously fast and effective feedback loop. Catch the recap.