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Yahoo ConnectID’s New Integration Boosts Publisher Profits Without Cookies

This seamless integration allows publishers who have adopted LiveRamp’s ATS to unlock additional demand from Yahoo DSP, substantially improving the monetization of their addressable supply. "Demand-side interoperability has been a key feature, and now, with our expanded partnership, publishers can achieve greater scale and better monetization through Yahoo ConnectID," explains…

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5 Key Takeaways from IAB #TechLabSummit Day 1

Explore cutting-edge insights from the IAB Tech Lab Summit Day 1. Discover how CTV converges with linear TV, the revolutionary impact of ad creative IDs, and the evolution of identity strategies. Dive into the urgent call for sustainability in advertising and enjoy Kara Swisher's sharp wit on tech's progress.

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Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Dominate the Cookieless Landscape

Retail media networks were already becoming a powerful force, but Google finally following through on its cookie depreciation plan has made them even more desirable for advertisers. The ongoing cookie depreciation has broken a key connecting force in digital advertising. Many publishers and advertisers do not have enough first-party data…

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