About AdMonsters

AdMonsters is the global leader in strategic insight on the future of digital media and advertising technology.

Through our conferences, website, original research, and social media, we offer unparalleled in-person experiences and unique, high-quality online content focused on media operations, monetization, technology, strategy, platforms, and trends. AdMonsters is the meeting place for a dynamic and expanding community to connect, gain insight, develop best practices, and exchange thought leadership.
Founded in 1999, AdMonsters began serving the advertising operations professionals through live media and its online community. In the early days of online media, this community was comprised largely of operations professionals at online publishers and advertising technology providers.  AdMonsters actively fostered this community and provided a forum to share best practices, explore new technology platforms and build relationships. Today’s expanding ecosystem now includes publishers and content creators, agencies, brand advertisers, SSPs, DMPs, DSPs, RTB, and service providers, technology and platform developers, advertising networks, and investors.   
This vibrant community is forward-looking and results-oriented.  Their success depends on strategic insights about technology and monetization, and the exchange of actionable peer-to-peer best practices. AdMonsters has built its reputation on providing objective editorial leadership based on deep, real world expertise.  We have continued to evolve our editorial strategy to address the changing needs of the market and as a result, AdMonsters has attracted a highly focused audience who are at the forefront of the industry, and leading marketing partners have found AdMonsters to be a powerful channel to reach these decision makers. Today, our portfolio of integrated media solutions includes industry leading live events, our innovative Connect content solutions, email marketing programs, and more.

As of March 2015, AdMonsters is part of the Access Intelligence family of companies.

Core Values 


AdMonsters began with an exclusive focus on online ad operations and technology. We have since built outwards to cover the entire realm of digital operations, strategy, and technology, but we remain committed to looking at the world of digital media and advertising through an operational, strategic lens.  


We believe that quality is paramount for a content-driven organization. Our value comes from our audience, and our audience comes for quality. Quality content means maintaining clear editorial vision and integrity, speaking directly to our audience, creating the relevant, timely, and actionable content, and not straying from our topical focus.


AdMonsters exists because Community is Necessary. A professional community is a requirement for an industry and a craft to develop to its highest potential. A community is necessary for professionals to meet each other, find and learn from mentors, become mentors themselves, solve problems, create and find solutions, develop best practices, experiment and test theories and launch and promote products. A community is necessary for professionals as people, to find understanding, share stories, learn, grow, laugh, and make human contact in an increasingly virtual world.

Are you a Monster? 

The Monsters are all the members of the AdMonsters community. Monsters are some of the most experienced leaders in digital operations, technology, and strategy. Monsters are also incredibly smart, super cool, friendly and tons of fun. The Monsters are a community of global professionals working together to deliver on the promise of digital media. 

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