AdMonsters Playbook: Optimizing Video Advertising

Although the IAB introduced version 1.0 of the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) in 2008—bringing standardized capabilities to both digital video players and creative—the digital video market didn’t truly take off until third-party measurement companies Nielsen and comScore brought over demographic metrics from the linear realm in 2011. This empowered…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Cross-Channel Data

As consumers of digital media, the connected device revolution has been a wonder, giving users the ability to experience the entire Internet virtually whenever, wherever and on whatever they choose. For digital publishers, it's been a bit more of a pain. Publisher audiences are consuming content on a wealth of…

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AdMonsters Playbook: The Ultimate Digital Video Guide

When it comes to media, video is a near universal medium. It’s the foundation of television, the hottest thing on desktop web and an emerging star on smartphones and tablets. And video is video is video on whatever screen it may appear on – for the most part, viewers don’t…

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