Opportunities to Drive RevOps Efficiency

By Susie Stulz December 08, 2022

How can publishers drive revenue?

It’s not merely a question of finding more advertisers to run campaigns on their sites. Publishers are keenly aware that maximizing revenue is a multi-pronged effort that involves:

  • Improving overall programmatic ad quality in order to attract more premium advertisers
  • Enabling users to report poor ads and ensuring such issues are addressed
  • Streamlining the direct sale asset management process so that fewer problems arise and less manual work is required

But their efforts are often thwarted by a lack of automation within their workflows. 0% of survey respondents said their team’s workflows are fully automated (although 46% said they were “somewhat” automated). This lack of automation leads to revenue strategy decisions that are based on gut feeling rather than data. Publishers sever relationships with SSPs or DSPs rather than fix problems, leading to higher rates of unsold inventory and blindspots throughout the industry.

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