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Misinformation is a Drag and a Threat to Digital Media

As much as we hate to admit, misinformation is a plague online. Any social media blogger or user can post a screenshot or salacious news without a fact check, and audiences will run with it. Now, with AI deep fakes becoming even more convincing, this problem is bound to get…

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Why Advertising Standards and Certifications Matter in 2024

The proliferation of low-quality, Made For Advertising (MFA) sites threatens digital advertising’s integrity. To combat this, the industry must adhere to standards set by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). These certifications ensure transparency and trust, paving the way for a more reliable and sustainable…

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How to Address MisInformation, Ad Brand Safety Concerns, and Keep Journalistic Integrity: A Q&A with Pat LaCroix of Seekr

Pat LaCroix, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Seekr notes that the oversaturation of disinformation fosters skepticism for both consumers and advertisers. But the rise of AI presents a potential solution to the spread of misinformation. Through natural language processing and machine learning, AI tech offers promising solutions for detecting and mitigating…

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Six Things We Saw, Heard, and Digested at IAB ALM 2024

AdMonsters was in the room at the IAB's Annual Leadership Meeting 2024, soaking up every last nugget of wisdom. The importance of collaboration, unity, and direct engagement in creating standards was highlighted as the path to success, shaping the future of the digital economy. Brick by brick, together, we are…

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