Will Commerce Optimization Power the Future of the Internet?

Media publishers today face immense pressure, including the influence of AI, changes in Google's search algorithms, the deprecation of cookies in display media, and the shift in traffic toward social media platforms. Consequently, traditional ad revenue models are no longer sufficient. For media publishers striving to thrive in this environment, CEO…

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How to Address MisInformation, Ad Brand Safety Concerns, and Keep Journalistic Integrity: A Q&A with Pat LaCroix of Seekr

Pat LaCroix, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Seekr notes that the oversaturation of disinformation fosters skepticism for both consumers and advertisers. But the rise of AI presents a potential solution to the spread of misinformation. Through natural language processing and machine learning, AI tech offers promising solutions for detecting and mitigating…

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New Study Reveals GSTV Dominates Ad Attention

A recent study unveiled by GSTV, the network that programs gas station screens, at the 2024 IAB NewFronts conference highlights GSTV's prowess in capturing viewer attention, surpassing digital, CTV, and linear television platforms. In collaboration with Lumen Research, the study provides compelling evidence of GSTV's effectiveness in engaging audiences and…

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