Customer Centric Retail Media

Customer Centricity: The Key To Retail Media’s Successful Future

While there is a ton of opportunity in the retail media world, there are still challenges. Those opportunities and challenges were top of mind at the 2023 IAB Connected Commerce Summit: Reimagining Retail Media event, where industry experts expressed their views on prioritizing consumers' needs and the importance of privacy…

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The DOJ Launches Attack Against Google’s Alleged Monopoly

Federal regulations have attacked Big tech monopolies from all sides, but if the Government comes out on top, this could be the first nail in the coffin. For a long time, the duopoly — Meta and Google — hoarded around 85% of ad spend, but privacy regulations took some of…

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The Crucial Role of Data Collaboration in the Future of Advertising

Media companies that can accommodate advertisers' demands for private data collaboration stand to gain a significant market advantage. Data collaboration can boost revenues by attracting new advertisers, securing larger commitments from agencies and advertisers, and commanding premiums on ad products that leverage shared data.

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U.S. Ad Spend Projected To Increase in Q4 and 2024

2023 is poised to be a year of growth, and the horizon for 2024 appears even more promising. According to the latest industry insights from Madison and Wall's Brian Wieser, the U.S. ad industry is expected to witness a robust 5% increase, reaching a staggering $363 billion in revenue for…

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