Publishers Prep Post-Pandemic Ad Product Evolution

One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, the Pandemic will meet its bitter end. But until then, publishers are adapting to the new normal and steadily planning for that fateful day. For now, they’re living in the era of the pivot, where the most promising path to revenue…

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ID5 Is Building a Community to Bolster Its Universal ID

Editorial Director Gavin Dunaway had a chat with ID5's CEO, Mathieu Roche, about how to differentiate between identity solution providers, the benefits of joining ID5's Inside community, as well as what it will take to rebuild probabilistic’s reputation.

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Instagram Center of Facebook’s Antitrust Web

  Powered by: November 17, 2020 Instagram at the Center of Facebook’s Antitrust Web Ad Filterers: Champions of Online Engagement Billing, Data Management, Communication and Fraud Plauge Pubs PubMatic Preps Risky $75Mil IPO Instagram at the Center of Facebook’s Antitrust Web Photo by Omkar Patyane from Pexels Tis the season…

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BeelerCast: To Catch An Ad Blocker

In this episode of BeelerCast, AdMonsters Advisory Board Chairman, Rob Beeler, talks with Neal Thurman (Coalition for Better Ads / Brand Safety Institute) and Dan Rua (Admiral) about their call for participation in the pilot program. They talk about ad blocking, better ad experiences and a new segment: "To Catch…

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Advertising Industry Learning and Professional Development

Yes, Virginia—You Can Sell First-Party Data

Now that the third-party cookie is on its farewell tour, publishers are warily giving their first-party data another look, but a big question remains: how do publishers actually sell first-party data marketplaces and garner advertiser interest? During an AdMonsters Webinar on Nov. 12, 2020, Insider Inc.'s VP of Programmatic Sales…

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How the Pandemic Got Ad Ops and Sales to Cozy Up

Historically, the relationship between ad ops and sales has been labeled with an “It’s Complicated” status. But since the pandemic, the relationship between ad ops and sales has become far more collaborative. Now, the two teams are coming together to rethink and revise their processes, client approaches and even their…

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Leaving Money on the Table: The High Cost of Ignoring Business Data

Every publisher has a treasure trove of data at their fingertips. One of the biggest challenges is turning that data into golden nuggets of insight that can propel the business to perform at high levels. That's why Ana Browne and Jon Dickinson launched Exigent Digital, coupling a unified data platform…

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Investors Mad About Programmatic TV

  Powered by: November 10, 2020 Investors Mad About Programmatic CTV Ad Filterers Enthusiastic Purchasers of Digital Content Bloomberg Gets on CTV FAST Investors Mad About that Programmatic CTV The stock market went a little crazy on news of The Trade Desk’s Q3 revenue: $216 million and a 45% jump…

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Identity Authentication in Digital Advertising

The Identity Connection: Portfolio Vision

As we inch closer toward a cookieless world, identity solutions have been touted as the perfect panacea. But before going all in on one identity solution over another, wouldn’t it be prudent to weigh all of your options? You wouldn’t invest all your money in one stock, would you? So why…

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