10 Hispanic/Latin American Professionals Doing Big Things in Ad Tech

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize those who inspire others to succeed. In advertising technology, very few Hispanic/Latinx people are running the show. Here at AdMonsters, we are fortunate enough to know a few who are striving in their professional roles daily and have been for years. Here are 10…

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Ad Tech’s Journey to a Sustainable Programmatic Supply Chain

Environmental sustainability has become a global priority amongst many industries. With research on how our carbon footprint has affected the environment, everyone has begun to reassess how they can make their workflow more sustainable. A recent study by Sharethrough provides a substantial explanation of how the ad tech industry can…

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What Is PPID and How Does It Benefit Publishers?

PPIDs are a unique identifier assigned by a publisher to a user. Publishers will share PPIDs with Google’s programmatic demand and this process will help them customize their ads and targeting. On the other hand, ESPs allow publishers to share encrypted first-party signals with buy-side platforms of their choosing. What are the…

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