Happensinadops Saves the Internet

At PubForum+ on December 10, 2020, Happens in Ad Ops co-hosts Erik Requidan, Founder and CEO, Media Tradecraft and Ryan McConaghy, Head of Revenue Operations, The Atlantic, are joined by Amanda Gomez, VP, Revenue Operations, New York Post, and Danny Khatib, Co-founder and CEO, Granite Media to try and get…

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Can AI Solve Content Marketing’s ROI Conundrum?

ROI has long been the bane of content marketing. Marketers know they need it, but understanding how it's being used and figuring out how it's moving consumers down the funnel has long been a challenge. Senior Editor, Lynne d Johnson, spoke with Peyman Nilforoush, CEO and Co-Founder of inPowered about…

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Google’s Privacy Sandbox Under CMA Microscope

  Powered by: January 12, 2021 Privacy Sandbox Faces UK Probe Massive Keyword Blocking Returns Pubs Need to Leverage Their Content Around the Watercooler Google's Privacy Sandbox Faces UK Probe There's long been a dark looming question hovering over Google's Privacy Sandbox as an alternative to third-party cookies, especially when…

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12 Digital Media and Advertising Predictions for 2021

Now that ad spend is starting to pick back up, sellers and buyers have an eye toward the future. What will happen when the cookie crumbles? What will take its place? What will become of mobile attribution? Will OTT and CTV continue to rise? Oh, so many questions.  Well, here's…

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10 Thought-Provoking Publisher Revenue Think Tank Takeaways

When it became clear in 2020, that we wouldn't be able to meet in person for a while we created virtual opportunities for Monsters to get together and share ideas. One way we did this, back in June, was to virtually recreate Publisher Forum Wednesday Workshops. Another thing we did…

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Guess Who’s Back? Advertising Spend Makes A Comeback

  Powered by: January 05, 2021 Advertising Spend Going Up How the NYTimes Weathered 2020 2021, Say Hello to Email Ding Dong, Adobe Flash is Dead Advertising Spend Going Up Image sourced from Mediapost 2020 was a tumultuous year for publishers, but signs that we're rebounding couldn't be more clear.…

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First-Party Data and the Future of Advertising

When third-party cookies go away, authenticated users will by definition be in short supply, forcing advertisers to pay more to reach their target audiences. What about users who won’t log in and authenticate, a.k.a. the majority of audiences? That’s where the Privacy Sandbox comes in, to help with guests. Achieving this…

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Advertising Industry Learning and Professional Development

AdMonsters Great Big 2020 Webinar Replay

In 2020, 3,000+ Monsters registered to attend one of AdMonsters webinars, with topics ranging from Identity to Privacy to Cookies, and more. As we come to the close of the year, we figured it was a good idea to roll up all these great webinars we had this year into…

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How Top Publishers Are Prepping for Cookie Death and More with VRM

In this video from PubForum+ on December 8, 2020, learn how thousands of publishers worldwide leverage Admiral VRM to engage and communicate with visitors to build 1st-party relationships and grow diversified revenue across paid subscriptions, donations, adblock recovery, email, registration Walls, identity and more.

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