Equity in Action: BOMESI’s Impact on Black Media Sustainability

Amid a global pandemic and racial reckoning in the U.S., Co-Founders DéVon Christopher Johnson and Rhonesha Byng created the nonprofit BOMESI to support Black-owned media businesses and educate the public on their importance. Over the past few years, BOMESI has steadily worked to ensure that Black-owned media businesses can carve out…

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What are the Best Practices for Using Alternative IDs?

As the industry moves away from the use of third-party tracking cookies, there are several solutions taking shape to help target users while keeping their information secure. One of those solutions is alt IDs, which tend to befuddle even the most seasoned players. The most important thing right now in trying…

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Embracing the Cookieless Future: Publishers’ Opportunity to Take Control

With the third-party cookie deprecation, there's an opportunity for pubs to regain control of the advertising ecosystem, says Keith Petri, CEO, lockr. By building solid data strategies, based on ethical privacy-safe collection methods, and stopping data leakage, publishers can monetize audiences through direct pathways and emerge victorious.

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For Us By Us, How ALIVE Podcast Network Is Amplifying Black Voices

The name "ALIVE" holds a special significance for founder Angel N. Livas. It symbolizes her mission to help individuals live purposeful lives and connect with their audiences on a deeper level. Inspired by the concept of Identifying Your One Word from Evan Carmichael's book, Livas found her purpose in helping others feel…

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