California Wants Big Tech to Pay News Publishers a Usage Fee

California Assembly member, Buffy Hicks, is proposing a state-level version of the journalism usage fee bill. The proposed law will allow local news outlets to work together to bargain with tech giants, such as Facebook and Google, to collect a fee for using their content and selling advertising alongside it.

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The Unintended Consequences of a TikTok Ban

If you live in DC, you may have noticed a new breed of lobbyists in town: the TikTok influencer. Politico reported that these folks planned to “flood” the city this week with its presence in an effort to stave off the U.S. government’s attempt to ban the app, unless ByteDance…

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Are Publishers Pushing Back at Third-party Verification Vendors?

It’s not that anyone questions the need to verify placements or for third-party verification vendors to do so on behalf of clients, especially in the open programmatic markets. We all understand that advertisers don’t want to purchase inventory blindly and risk placing ads in horrific environments. Nor do they want…

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