Are We in the Midst of an Ad Recession?

August 09, 2022 Is Ad Tech and Digital Media in a Recession? Is New York Times Ad Sales Decline a Bad Omen for Digital Media? YouTube's Slow Revenue Growth Is Cause for Concern Curating a New Audience With Ad Automation Does Low Ad Spend Signal a Recession Is Near? It…

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Effectively Using Consumer Data to Future Proof Your Business

In preparation for our upcoming webinar with Permutive: How Publishers Can Use Data to Close More Deals With Advertisers, Wednesday, August 31 at 1 PM ET, (Register Now!) I spoke with Thomas Baart, Customer Success Manager at Permutive. We discussed how publishers and advertisers can deliver more responsible advertising to…

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Your Email Strategy May Blow Up Sooner Than You Think

Does an email still count as first-party data if you never know who the email belongs to, or whether it belongs to anyone at all? And what happens as email obfuscation becomes an “enabled by default” feature of consumer devices and web browsers? Just when everyone thought email might be…

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