Best Practices for Ensuring High-Quality Inventory & Ads

We’ve all heard the stories about ad placements that make brand managers cringe: ads for respectable brands appearing in terrorist recruitment videos, and the like. Obviously, marketers want to avoid such placements. But that’s just a start. In an ideal world, your ad will be seen by real people alongside…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Balancing In-App Ad Quality With Revenue

The last 24 months have been stellar for app developers. More users installed more apps, demonstrating that this robust app economy still has plenty of room for growth. But key challenges still remain. App publishers that rely on advertising to monetize their apps struggle to maintain a positive user experience…

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Twenty Questions: Zero-Party Data Edition

What is zero-party data? Ask ten people (well, not ANY ten people; ten adtech dweebs) and you’ll get ten different answers—along with some medium-to-heavy ridicule. Zero-party data is still a relatively new concept (having been coined a scant three years ago), and adtech likes to take its time settling into new ideas.…

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IAB Europe in Breach of GDPR; AI Runs Globe and Mail Paywall

November 12, 2021 IAB Europe Breached GDPR AI Powers Globe and Mail Paywall IAB Europe in Breach of GDPR Google and countless other advertisers rely on IAB Europe’s consent management system, which has now been deemed in violation of GDPR. “IAB Europe designed the misleading ‘consent’ pop-ups that feature on…

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Cookie Cutoff Could Mean Publisher Layoffs

Lotame's latest “Beyond the Cookie” report is out. There’s so much uncertainty and concern is high on all levels. Key reports findings include: Forty-eight percent of publishers predict a downsizing in workforce due to third-party cookie deprecation.

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Twitter Ducked Apple’s ATT Hits; Spotify’s Podcast Growth 📈

November 03, 2021 Apple Didn't Hit Twitter's Revenue Is Spotify Gunning For the Number 4 Spot? Twitter Flies Away from Apple’s Revenue Hits Many companies felt the brunt of Apple’s privacy changes earlier this year, but Twitter was not one of them. Its quarterly revenue went up 37%, causing stock…

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