PubForum Spotlight: Identity Marketing—What’s Exactly in it for Pubs?

So, publisher—you keep hearing that the demise of the third-party tracking cookie is going to work out in your favor… But how exactly? It’s not like marketers were in love with the third-party cookie either—marketers have long wanted a better solution, and that’s people-based marketing, OpenX and LiveIntent explained during…

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PubForum Spotlight: We’ve Always Been At War With Bad Ads

Publishers add more ads per page and lower their floors to capture more revenue, hoping to ride things out until higher CPMs return.  Unfortunately, more ads, lower floors, and other desperate moves lead to more opportunities for bad actors to step in. And users will adopt blockers to maintain a…

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PubForum Spotlight: Evolving Ad Operations Through Self-Service

Self-service ad operations and media sales is really trending right now—Spotify, Hulu and Hearst are all doing it. At the recent PubForum in Santa Monica, Peo Persson, Co-Founder and CPO, DanAds, talked about the latest self-service ad operations and showcased how it could make publisher’s lives a little easier. We…

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How is the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Impacting Digital Media and Advertising?

In AdMonsters new weekly newsletter, The Wrapper, we summarize exciting news items that catch our eyes and link them to wider developments in digital media and advertising. As the global Coronavirus pandemic hit, we've been covering news about how it's impacting digital media and advertising, which includes ad ops, rev ops…

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What Are the Best Practices for Using Attention Metrics?

While attention has always underpinned advertising, the rising popularity of attention metrics is a recent phenomenon in digital advertising. Attention Metrics refer to a set of data that can be used to approximate consumer attention to both media placements and creative. These metrics range from loose proxies like viewability to…

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