Navigating the Great Resignation: Find Stability With an Ad Ops Partner

Ad ops partners will also be able to work with their publishers on various custom projects, such as ad server implementations, ad server migrations, and custom reporting. They'll also provide consulting services, ranging from planning and strategy to identifying new revenue opportunities to workflow optimization.

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Whose Data Is It Anyway? Buyers? Sellers? No, Theirs.

Moving forward, it may seem a no-brainer to pubs, that in this privacy-forward era, users should either subscribe or provide morsels of information in exchange for content that is meaningful and relevant to them (which would include advertising), but maybe there really is another way. And maybe that other way…

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What Is Supply Path Optimization (SPO) in Mobile?

SPO in mobile has an additional level of complexity compared to web, because ads on mobile devices are facilitated mostly through software development kits (SDKs) – and understanding the type of SDK connection can have meaningful implications to that path optimization.

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Publishers Need Deep Audience Insights Now More Than Ever

The demise of third-party cookies limits the amount of data publishers can leverage to enrich their own audience data. They need those prized data insights to get a fuller profile of the people consuming their media. Because without insights, advertisers are paying for access to a rather blurry picture of…

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🌯 Is Ad Tech Shifty Business?

May 09, 2022 Ad Tech Vendors Caught in the Gannett Web Streaming Ad Spend on the up and up Conde Nast Sees Major Highs Did Ad Tech Firms Turn a Blind Eye To Gannett Funny Biz? Remember back in March, when we reported on Gannett providing advertisers with inaccurate information…

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