🌯 Sophisticated Scammers on the Rise

  Powered by: February 03, 2021 Sophisticated Scammers on the Rise It's Time to Take Control of Your Data Google and Facebook at War With Apple Around the Water Cooler Sophisticated Scammers on the Rise Image sourced from The Media Trust 2020 not only brought us COVID-19, but it also…

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On January 22, 2021, Google announced plans for its “First Locally Executed Decision over Groups Experiment” or FLEDGE for short. The announcement on Github describes how they will operationalize TURTLEDOVE for a first test. 

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Beware the FLoC

  Powered by: January 26, 2021 Beware the FLoC A New Era Is Upon Us Around the Water Cooler Beware the FLOC This is one of those weeks when everyone is talking about the same thing, which happens to be Google's Privacy Sandbox. In the latest turn of events related…

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CPRA Is Here…Here’s What You Need To Know

"CCPA does give consumers some rights and has some business obligations, but it's really a law focused on third-party data sharing. And if you look at GDPR, it's much more encompassing than that. CPRA bridges that gap," shared Jessica B. Lee, Partner, Co-Chair, Privacy, Security & Data Innovations at Loeb…

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Another DSP Bites the Dust

  Powered by: January 19, 2021 Another DSP Bites the Dust Make It Rain With Email Newsletters The Cost of Apple's Privacy Changes Around the Watercooler Another DSP Bites the Dust Publishers haven't been the only casualties of the Pandemic. Ad Tech companies have also taken their fair share of…

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Happensinadops Saves the Internet

At PubForum+ on December 10, 2020, Happens in Ad Ops co-hosts Erik Requidan, Founder and CEO, Media Tradecraft and Ryan McConaghy, Head of Revenue Operations, The Atlantic, are joined by Amanda Gomez, VP, Revenue Operations, New York Post, and Danny Khatib, Co-founder and CEO, Granite Media to try and get…

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