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AdMonsters August 11, 2022   Justin Killion: Complex Networks Masters the Art of the Pivot to Diversify Revenue Inspired by the innovation of Complex co-founders Marc Ecko and Rich Antoniello, Justin Killion, President at Complex Networks, will discuss the “Justification of Revenue Diversification” for the Publisher Forum opening keynote. Complex…

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AdMonsters July 29, 2022   How to Attract & Retain Talent During the Great Resignation: Q&A with SEBPO’s Ray Adamson A leading global outsourcing company, SEBPO services all areas of the advertising technology space. As such, the company is uniquely positioned to help its clients with any needs they have,…

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Sales and Ad Ops Best Practices for Collaboration

What’s the best way for publishers to attract advertisers to their properties? Enable their sales teams to tell compelling stories about their audiences and why they would be receptive to the potential advertiser’s products and services. But storytelling requires data. The trick is to foster better collaboration between Ad Ops…

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Newsletter Advertising: How to Succeed and Common Hurdles to Clear

Successful publishers understand email’s value in reaching their users, expanding web and app audiences, and leveraging first-party data.  However, more recently many publishers are understandably frustrated by the additional tech, cost, complexity, and having to work through the technical nuances of our industry. Leif Kramer, Product Director, OAO shares some…

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AdMonsters July 8, 2022   AdMonsters Playbook: Why Publishers Need to Break Down Their First-Party Data Silos First-party data is widely seen as an avenue for creating successful campaigns, and publishers are keen to develop their first-party offerings. Sharing data internally allows publishers to create and demonstrate highly personalized value…

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