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Ops 2017: The Photo Show

I came here to post photos from last week's Ops, but before that, I wanted to add one takeaway from the conference and all the conversations that led up to it. This year's Ops really hammered home something Gavin, Rob ...

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Ops 2017: The Video Preview Series

There's a lot for attendees to look for at 2017's expanded version of Ops (June 5-6 in New York), and in the interim, we have something for you to look at. AdMonsters rolled out a series of preview videos earlier ...

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Map to the Topics: Navigating the OPS Agenda

OPS approaches! Our yearly one-day gathering in NYC of more than 700 digital strategists from publishers, brands and agencies is merely a few weeks away (June 7!). If you’ve given a gander to the agenda lately, you may have noticed… There’...

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Mark Twain: The Original Ad Ops Guy

Improbably, this is going to be about American literature and advertising operations. Typically, most people think the only connection between these two things is that people who get a degree in the first are doomed to end up making a ...

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