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Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Dominate the Cookieless Landscape

Retail media networks were already becoming a powerful force, but Google finally following through on its cookie depreciation plan has made them even more desirable for advertisers. The ongoing cookie depreciation has broken a key connecting force in digital advertising. Many publishers and advertisers do not have enough first-party data…

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AdMonsters May 15, 2024   Innovating the Future of Marketing: A Conversation with Jay Friedman, CEO of Goodway Group Discover how Goodway Group is pushing the boundaries of digital marketing with the launch of GRADIANT and G-Comm. CEO Jay Friedman shares the strategic vision, market needs, and future trends driving…

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Surviving the SEO Shake-Up: Publishers vs. Google’s New Game

Scott Messer, Principal and Founder of Messer Media, explores the latest challenges facing publishers in the ever-evolving SEO game. As Google's search algorithms shift, many publishers are grappling with decreased traffic and increased competition. Delving into the core issues, including the "Tsunami of Crap" and "Enshittification" of content, Google's prioritization…

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Privacy Signals, AI in Advertising & the Democratic Dilemma

For reasons that completely baffle Søren H. Dinesen, co-founder and CEO of Digiseg, the digital advertising industry congratulates itself for taking steps to eliminate third-party tracking cookies from the ecosystem, while replacing them with something equally bad from a consumer privacy perspective: various private signals that allow for one-to-one targeting.

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AdMonsters May 9, 2024   TWIM 2024 Honoree Meredith Brace: Pioneering the Path to Data Inclusivity Through our conversation with Meredith Brace, you'll learn how XR Extreme Reach sets itself apart by providing a holistic solution for ad delivery and data management, ensuring compliance through meticulous adherence to standards, and…

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