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ADM-NL-20230126-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters January 26, 2023   Confiant Catches Cookie Fishing Scheme: The Bad Actors of Black Friday Advertisers’ businesses boom yearly on Black Friday as they promote their annual sales. Last year, Black Friday saw another big boom — cookie stuffing — marking a sharp increase in fraudulent ad impressions.  Read…

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ADM-NL-20230120-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters January 20, 2023   HUMAN Discovers and Shuts Down Massive Ad Fraud Scheme Last year, advertisers spent over $327 billion targeting users as they engaged with popular mobile apps, but as HUMAN Security announced yesterday, a chunk of that spending went into the pockets of fraudsters who successfully launched…

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ADM-NL-20230112-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters January 12, 2023   What is a Bot Market and How Can Publishers Fight Against Them? The battle for brand safety is on because bad actors are more creative than ever with their ad fraud tactics. It's time for clean sweeps of your sites because ad fraud and malvertising…

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ADM-NL-20230106-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters January 6, 2023   That’s So AdMonsters: 6 Ways We Predict Ad Tech and Digital Media Will Evolve in 2023 Reflection is essential to moving into the new year, and the ad tech industry has much to reflect on from 2022. From the ad spend slowdown to potential federal…

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Where Will Ad Tech Be 5 Years From Now?

At an AdMonsters PubForum in 2022, we asked about 10 groups of ad ops and rev ops professionals to put their best predictive analytical skills to work to identify which trends ad tech can look forward to five years from now. Here's what four of the groups came up with.

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ADM-NL-20221229-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters December 29, 2022   Publishers Prove Resilient Through Industry Changes Each PubForum, an exclusive publisher-only Think Tank comes together to discuss the most pressing issues in ad tech. In Nashville, the common consensus was that thriving through this tough period was dependent upon how you choose to reach your…

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ADM-NL-20221222-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters December 22, 2022   The Final Wrap-Up: Best of AdMonsters Wrapper 2022 Each week AdMonsters sends out the Wrapper–a series dedicated to analyzing a curation of ad tech news from around the world. Here's a look back at the top Wrappers of 2022. Read more. AdMonsters 2022 Rewind: The…

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