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ADM-NL-20220930-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters September 30, 2022   Foundry’s Evolution: The Company’s Journey From IDG to Martech Powerhouse To get the scoop on the new and evolved Foundry, AdMonsters spoke with the company’s President, Kumaran Ramanathan, about the process of the name changes and acquisitions, how the company can help bridge the gap…

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Why Publishers Need to Keep Their Ads.txt Files up to Date

Domain spoofing is still a big problem on the open web, especially for highly-ranked sites that have done an excellent job at earning the trust of their audiences. And even though ads.txt was created to thwart bad actors from performing arbitrage, domain spoofing, clickjacking and ultimately messing with legit publishers'…

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AdMonsters September 22, 2022   The Mystery of Dark Patterns: The Publisher’s CMP Nightmare The FTC report, entitled “Bringing Dark Patterns to Light,” highlights how companies are using a deceptive design practice called dark patterns. The practice is becoming progressively sophisticated and it aims to trick consumers into buying products or…

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AdMonsters September 16, 2022   10 Hispanic/Latino American Professionals Doing Big Things in Ad Tech During Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize those who inspire others to succeed. In advertising technology, very few Hispanic/Latino people are running the show. Here at AdMonsters, we are fortunate enough to know a few who…

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AdMonsters   August 11, 2022   Political Ad Spend Going Up: What Publishers Should Consider Before Running Them This country is no stranger to political controversy. However, the past couple of years has boasted an unprecedented amount of political strife with a highly controversial president, a reckoning for the country’s systematic…

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