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AdMonsters July 20, 2023   What is vCPM and How Does It Relate to Viewability? Attention metrics are gaining traction, but one fundamental aspect that continues to hold significant value for advertisers is viewability. While advertisers recognize the importance of capturing users' attention, ensuring their ads are viewable remains a…

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AdMonsters July 13, 2023   Oregon Sets the Bar: Landmark Consumer Data Privacy Bill Becomes the Strongest in the Nation Oregon. On June 22, 2023, the Oregon state legislature passed Oregon Consumer Privacy Act (OCPA) (SB 619). It is the eleventh state in the US to do so and the…

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Safe GenAI Chatbots, Safe Reputations: Spectrum Lab’s Ryan Treichler Talks Fine Tuning, Reinforcement Learning, and Guardrails

As publishers, we recognize the immense value of our content, and the concept of a conversational chatbot guiding users to explore and enhance their experiences with that amazing content is truly fascinating. But can publishers launch generative AI chatbots and sidestep the issues we read about daily, such as hallucinations, responses…

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