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AdMonsters May 9, 2024   TWIM 2024 Honoree Meredith Brace: Pioneering the Path to Data Inclusivity Through our conversation with Meredith Brace, you'll learn how XR Extreme Reach sets itself apart by providing a holistic solution for ad delivery and data management, ensuring compliance through meticulous adherence to standards, and…

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AdMonsters May 2, 2024   Hey Circle, “Is AI Going to Steal Ad Ops and Rev Ops Jobs?” On the newest season of Netflix’s social media reality show The Circle, the hosts surprised contestants with the appearance of an AI persona, Max. Since the meteoric rise of generative AI, some…

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Balancing Act: Unwind Media’s Journey to Sustainability

Unwind Media is pioneering strategies that not only lessen the publisher's environmental impact but also enhance their bottom line. In this exclusive Q&A, Downinghall shares insights into the innovative approaches that have enabled Unwind Media to balance economic performance with ecological responsibility, providing valuable lessons for the industry.

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