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AdMonsters September 22, 2022   The Mystery of Dark Patterns: The Publisher’s CMP Nightmare The FTC report, entitled “Bringing Dark Patterns to Light,” highlights how companies are using a deceptive design practice called dark patterns. The practice is becoming progressively sophisticated and it aims to trick consumers into buying products or…

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AdMonsters September 16, 2022   10 Hispanic/Latino American Professionals Doing Big Things in Ad Tech During Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize those who inspire others to succeed. In advertising technology, very few Hispanic/Latino people are running the show. Here at AdMonsters, we are fortunate enough to know a few who…

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AdMonsters   August 11, 2022   Political Ad Spend Going Up: What Publishers Should Consider Before Running Them This country is no stranger to political controversy. However, the past couple of years has boasted an unprecedented amount of political strife with a highly controversial president, a reckoning for the country’s systematic…

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