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ADM-NL-20220421-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters April 21, 2022   IAB Tech Lab's Ads.txt Update Illuminates the Supply Path: Q&A With VP, Product Shailley Singh This week, we were presented with a major IAB Tech Lab ads.txt update as they announced two new values for publishers to add to their ads.txt files, and both have…

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AdMonsters April 8, 2022   Best Practices For Monetizing CTV Ad Pods Consumers are shifting to connected TV (CTV) in droves and CTV ad spend is skyrocketing in tandem. According to eMarketer, spending is set to reach $34.49 billion by 2025. But that doesn’t mean it’s been all smooth sailing…

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AdMonsters April 4, 2022   How Can Pubs Protect Their Sites and Audiences From Bad Actors?  Juniper Research warns that digital ad fraud and malvertising will cost the industry nearly $68 billion in 2022. But does that mean that all publishers are destined to lose substantial sums to nefarious players? Or…

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