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Whose Data Is It Anyway? Buyers? Sellers? No, Theirs.

Moving forward, it may seem a no-brainer to pubs, that in this privacy-forward era, users should either subscribe or provide morsels of information in exchange for content that is meaningful and relevant to them (which would include advertising), but maybe there really is another way. And maybe that other way…

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AdMonsters May 12, 2022   Pubs Need Deep Audience Insights Now More Than Ever The demise of third-party cookies limits the amount of data publishers can leverage to enrich their own audience data. They need those prized data insights to get a fuller profile of the people consuming their media.…

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AdMonsters May 4, 2022   All About the Data: Take Our Publisher's First-party Data Survey Crafting highly personalized and seamless experiences across all channels are table stakes, which many believe require access to, and sharing of first-party data to drive personalization, along with harmonization of the user experience across all…

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AdMonsters April 29, 2022   No Cookies? No Problem, LiveRamp ATS Is the New Plug for Pubs Without third-party cookies driving targeted advertising — publishers that don’t have a strategy to drive user authentication and first-party data, should expect lower CPMs and less revenue. We spoke with Travis Clinger, SVP,…

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