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ADM-NL-20221027-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters October 27, 2022   Consent Summit 2022 Takeaways: Privacy and Compliance are Ad Tech’s Regulators At the LeadsCon 2022 Consent Summit, agencies, marketers, technologists, legal teams, digital departments, data agencies and compliance professionals came together to discuss all things privacy, consent and compliance. From discussing the potential federal privacy regulations…

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AdMonsters October 20, 2022   Publisher Forum Keynote DeLu Jackson: Leveraging Relevant User Data to Create Customer-Focused Brands DeLu Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at ADT, will give a keynote address at Publisher Forum Nashville entitled “Reach Is Dead, Long Live Relevance: How Buyers and Sellers Use…

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Commerce Media Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Navigating new monetization territories is never easy but thankfully Charlene Charles, Head of Operations at DG Media Networks provided essential guidelines to motivate and help retailers win in this space. When dealing with innovation, the unknowns can be endless. You have to be able to deliver fast and efficient outcomes…

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AdMonsters October 14, 2022   5 Ad Tech Professionals Provide Solutions to Pump Up Hispanic Ad Spend As we approach the close of Hispanic Heritage Month, we thought it was a good time to laud advertisers for upping their spend to reach the Hispanic market. But we’d be remiss not to…

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AdMonsters September 30, 2022   Foundry’s Evolution: The Company’s Journey From IDG to Martech Powerhouse To get the scoop on the new and evolved Foundry, AdMonsters spoke with the company’s President, Kumaran Ramanathan, about the process of the name changes and acquisitions, how the company can help bridge the gap…

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Why Publishers Need to Keep Their Ads.txt Files up to Date

Domain spoofing is still a big problem on the open web, especially for highly-ranked sites that have done an excellent job at earning the trust of their audiences. And even though ads.txt was created to thwart bad actors from performing arbitrage, domain spoofing, clickjacking and ultimately messing with legit publishers'…

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