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What We Learned From the FLoC Origin Trial

Despite the FLoC origin trial limitations, we learned a fair amount about how FLoC might work in the future such as how many cohorts there might be (34 Thousand), how many users would be in a Cohort (at least 2K Synced users), and how often the Cohort is calculated (every…

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ADM-NL-20210806-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters August 6, 2021   How Publishers Can Become Masters of Their First-Party Data Without a cookie reprieve, digital advertising and media monetization will most likely rely on a number of alternatives going forward, and first-party data, in particular, will be key to any future strategies. Harnessing first-party data at…

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ADM-NL-20210729-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters July 29, 2021   Chrome Releases Privacy Sandbox Timeline; Still Not Supporting ID Alternatives Google released the timeline for the Privacy Sandbox and is finally bidding adieu to third-party cookies in 2023— maybe it's for real this time. This estimated timeline is based on origin trials, Privacy Sandbox use…

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ADM-NL-20210723-AdMonsters Weekly

AdMonsters July 23, 2021   Why Publishers Need a CMP Now In a recent webinar, Personalization & Privacy: Your Third-Party Cookie Replacement Game Plan, Arshdeep Sood, Solutions Engineer, OneTrust, laid out a plan for a future without cookies, explaining why it's important publishers have a CMP in place to adhere…

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Surviving in a Complicated Digital Media and Ad Tech Ecosystem

Digital media and advertising is rapidly changing. To survive in this increasingly complicated environment, publishers and advertisers need innovative strategies and technologies to increase their efficiency (and keep revenues afloat) as they look to continue connecting with audiences and also proving the value of those relationships.

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