U.S. Ad Spend Projected To Increase in Q4 and 2024

2023 is poised to be a year of growth, and the horizon for 2024 appears even more promising. According to the latest industry insights from Madison and Wall's Brian Wieser, the U.S. ad industry is expected to witness a robust 5% increase, reaching a staggering $363 billion in revenue for…

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Diverse Approaches to App Inventory for Enhanced User Insights

During a breakout session at AdMonsters Pub Forum Coronado Island, Joey Stern, Ad Systems Manager at TuneIn, led an exciting discussion during his session titled "Navigating Multi-Platform Madness: Unleashing Revenue Opportunities Within Complex Mobile Strategies." The session is one to highlight as it delved into the critical differences between Android…

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Media Sustainability: What’s in it for Publishers?

Conventional thinking often looks at sustainability as an inconvenience, a mere compliance project, or even an additional cost center lacking in business benefits. However, media sustainability efforts can provide publishers with a unique opportunity to reduce operational risks, increase revenue profitably, and take the lead in the industry.

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