AdMonsters Playbook: How Publishers Balance Ad Revenue With Ad Quality

By Susie Stulz February 11, 2022

Back in 1994, the first-ever Internet ad appeared on and enjoyed a 44% click-through rate (CTR). That banner ad gave rise to a global industry that, 30 years later, is expected to top $717 billion.

Digital advertising has undergone radical changes since that first ad, the most significant of which is programmatic. While programmatic has made it easier for publishers to fill impressions, it’s not without challenges.

Programmatic is often a blackbox; publishers have no idea which ads will appear on their sites ahead of time, often because the exchanges themselves don’t know which ads flow through their pipes.

Without transparency and complete control, publishers will continue to contend with scams and other unwanted ads that don’t meet their standards. For many publishers, monetization comes at a cost to quality,  but it doesn’t need to be this way. With the right controls, monetization and quality can be assured.

Beyond those concerns, we wondered how advertising fit in with the experience publishers sought for their audiences. Specifically, we wanted to know:

  • Do publishers view advertising as simply a way to monetize inventory, or can it serve as a strategic differentiator for their brands? How can publishers better protect the relationship with their audiences?
  • Can they support their brand suitability and strategic goals for advertising via programmatic channels?
  • Do they have the controls and tools they need to deliver on their strategic insight?

To find out, we surveyed dozens of publishers across sectors of the publishing industry to assess the existing challenges they face, in terms of brand-suitable ads, and the future they envision for their digital properties.

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