AdMonsters Playbook: Balancing In-App Ad Quality With Revenue

By Susie Stulz November 26, 2021

The last 24 months have been stellar for app developers. More users installed more apps, demonstrating that this robust app economy still has plenty of room for growth. But key challenges still remain. App publishers that rely on advertising to monetize their apps struggle to maintain a positive user experience and ensure brand suitability. 

Brand unsafe ads—e.g. ads with violent or sexual content—prompt users to uninstall apps and leave reviews in the app stores, warning other users away from the apps. And, malicious ads pose security threats to app users which harm the app publisher’s reputation. 

There’s also a missed opportunity: too many app publishers report lacking the necessary tools to leverage advertising to promote a positive brand experience, and not just prevent a bad one.

This playbook looks at the issues app publishers are facing, along with the tools they need to keep their users safe and engaged.

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This playbook, created in partnership with GeoEdge, will dive into the results of our survey, highlighting trends, challenges, and solutions.