AdMonsters Playbook: Mobile App Ad Quality

By Gavin Dunaway August 07, 2019

While many mobile app publishers have struggled with monetization over the years, there are strong signs that the tide is turning and the mobile app channel has a lucrative future. However, the mobile ecosystem is chock full of bad actors looking to take advantage of legitimate publishers, advertisers, and users. As the last touchpoint before the user, the mobile app publisher has an enormous responsibility to thwart malevolent intent.

Ad Security and Verification solutions to ensure a clean, safe & engaging user experience.

In this playbook, developed in partnership with GeoEdge, we’ll dive into why the mobile app space is due for an uptick, and why bad actors and malvetisers are likely to become even more of a threat. We’ll examine why your ad quality solution should integrate an SDK as well as key aspects to that toolkit and integration. Finally, we’ll lay out best practices when it comes to working with ad quality providers and monetization partners.

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