AdMonsters Playbook: Fill Rate Survey

By Gavin Dunaway December 12, 2019

To better understand the role fill rate plays in publisher revenue efforts and what factors have the greatest effect on the metric, AdMonsters surveyed around 60 publisher revenue specialists from a variety of publishers during the month of September 2019.

The results showed that while limiting demand partners is a solid strategy mitigating ad-quality concerns, publishers rely on a high number of demand partners—particularly in the auction—to increase competition and keep fill rates up. In effect, respondents are increasingly leaning on intricate flooring strategies to boost fill rates, while relying more on real-time creative blockers to deal with potential malvertising.

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This Playbook, developed in partnership with GeoEdge, offers a candid look into publishers’ multi-front efforts to improve fill rate, as well as offering tested strategies for others to do the same.

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