AdMonsters Playbook: AdOps Are Rock Stars. Are Sales Teams Taking Advantage of Their Stardom?

By Susie Stulz March 27, 2023

AdOps team members are data superstars. They often sit on a treasure trove of data, which contains rich and nuanced context that can help grow the business — these ad units perform best, our readers respond to ads in this vertical or industry sector, and here is the return on ad spend (ROAS) advertisers in specific sections can expect to see.

Intuitively, we understand that if AdOps had more tools and workflows to share those insights, client-facing teams could have more data-driven conversations with advertisers about campaign performance. This in turn will lead to repeat sales, as well as provide the data needed to recruit other advertisers in their sector.

Additionally, this data would help product teams design premium ad units and ad packages by sector, as well as the right price to charge for them. Once this data is made actionable, there are even more possibilities that we can outline here.

But how widely is contextualized AdOps data shared with sales and ad product teams? Have publishing organizations succeeded in digital transformations, or are they still struggling with silos that ultimately inhibit a more robust monetization strategy?

To answer these questions, we surveyed 136 people who work in digital publishing in an AdOps, sales, revenue, or product function.

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