Farewell, Friction: Why Digitized Ad Sales are Mission Critical for Future Revenue Growth

By Tameka Kee November 18, 2021

Friction is the enemy of growth — and today’s publishers have to mitigate quite a bit of friction in order to breeze through revenue goals, quarter after quarter.

There’s the natural tension between fulfilling advertisers’ (growing) demands and delivering a frictionless content experience for users. 

There’s friction between different platforms for campaign tracking, forecasting, and reporting — not to mention the tools used for reconciling I/Os, commissions, and other elements of the ad sales process.

And that’s not including the friction that can arise from trying to operate in a way that’s compliant with consumer privacy regulations that vary by state and country.

Streamlining all these systems and processes — greasing the ad operations wheels, if you will — is key to eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) friction that can hamper growth.

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