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Calling BS on Identity

The identity conversation is loaded with BS because everyone talks about it like they know what the future holds. Worse, they’re presenting solutions based on what they “know," writes Shiv Gupta, Founder, U of Digital. In reality, nobody knows what a post-identity world will actually look like because that world…

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Project Crosswalk: IAB’s Guidelines for CTV Privacy Compliance

IAB created Project Crosswalk to help publishers and advertisers who want to participate in the CTV boom but are worried about privacy compliance guidelines. The project is a working group of the IAB Legal Affairs Council that identifies privacy complications in CTV and develops solutions to these compliance issues. The…

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IAB Public Policy and Legal Summit: The State of Privacy

At IAB's Public Policy and Legal Summit, publishers, privacy regulations, and compliance lawyers came together to discuss the state of privacy. From privacy compliance in CTV to how publishers can navigate the compliance landscape, here are some of the top takeaways from the conference. 

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