AdMonsters Playbook: Why Publishers Need to Break Down Their First-Party Data Silos

By Susie Stulz July 06, 2022

First-party data is widely seen as an avenue for creating successful campaigns, and publishers are keen to develop their first-party offerings.

Many publishers potentially sit on a trove of valuable first-party data, as users are generally willing to sign-up for newsletters and opt-in to data usage, as long as they understand the value they’ll receive in return. The value exchange is best articulated if it is catered to the user’s specific interests.

Sharing data internally allows publishers to create and demonstrate highly personalized value exchanges across all channels. Now more than ever, publishers need to fully harmonize their cross-channel experiences with personalized content for each user.

This led us to ask:

  • To what degree do publishers share data internally?
  • For what purposes is that data shared internally?
  • Are engagement touchpoints as fully harmonized and personalized to the user experience as they could be?
  • What role does first-party data play in the publisher’s user

To find out, we surveyed ad operations, marketing and sales team members, chief revenue officers, data scientists, and other personnel within leading digital publishing companies.

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This playbook, created in partnership with Jeeng, will dive into the results of our survey, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities.