Webinar Replay: The Login Play

Privacy regulations; the crumbling third-party cookie; a general need to diversify revenue streams. These are just some of the factors driving publishers to better—and directly—engage with consumers. And a key tool helping publishers connect is an old favorite—logins. But although they may seem straightforward, logins and the strategies around them come in a lot of flavors. One more set of complexities for a publisher! 

During our Nov. 5, 2020 webinar, “The Login Play,” AdMonsters explored logins through several vantage points, including the potential for single sign-on alliances, thanks to remarkable panelists Claire Groves, Head of Ad Operations at Haymarket Automotive; Achim Schlosser, CTO of the netid Foundation; and Lisa Bouam, Director of Business Development at eyeo.

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Does garnering an email address through a newsletter signup count as a login? When asking for logins, how do you lay out the value you’re offering in exchange for consumer data? And how is it different from before, when you didn’t ask for a login? Is this the moment consumers understand there’s a cost to web content? Watch the whole video for answers (as well as additional questions!), but below are some surface takeaways.

  • Bouam focused on being transparent about the value exchange between publisher and consumer, and the potential for using enhanced user engagement to push away from over-reliance on ad-driven revenue, especially with the third-party cookie sunsetting in 2022. She talked about tools like REMP, which enable publishers to get a better sense of what loyal readers might be more attune to subscription deals and other logged-in services.
  • Schlosser dived into the creation and execution of the netid Foundation’s sign-on alliance across Germany. By having an independent governance operation overseeing the workings of the actual netid solution, major German publishers have signed on with confidence and used the tool to monetize and deliver data-driven advertising. netID’s convenience for users also seems to be a hit with consumers.
  • Haymarket Automotive has long had several login programs where the value exchange was quite clear—data in exchange for actionable information from various car dealerships and other related advertisers. While the publisher has been highly focused on its first-party data offering (and will be for the foreseeable future), this loigin program and other efforts are gaining more traction internally over anxieties about the third-party cookie’s collapse and the potential for audience extension to drive additional revenue.