Is This the Rebound?

October 08, 2020

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12 pm EDT

To abuse a cliché that’s awfully abused these days, publishers are adjusting to a new normal where ad spend comes in fits and bursts. Many are still leaning heavily on the open programmatic marketplace, but there are signs guaranteed sales might be slowly returning. At the same time, many publishers used the ad spend slowdown to examine their processes and tech partners, implementing major changes like paywalls that will color user experience going forward.

This wide-ranging, intimate discussion will bring together a panel of revenue specialists from the US as well as Europe to talk about what publishers are expecting during the fourth quarter, how they’re preparing for an uncertain future beyond that, and how their audience relationships are evolving. You’ll hear about:

  • Whether guaranteed buys are making a comeback
  • Challenges in programmatic—open and private marketplaces
  • Integrating new revenue streams
  • Preparations for the third-party cookie’s exit
  • How gauging user experience has changed during the pandemic
  • Privacy compliance and TCF 2.0

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Sergei Bachtin
Senior Director, Global Revenue Operations
The Economist Group





Sophie Toth
Programmatic and Ad Tech Lead





Alex Kirby
Head of Programmatic & Audience Data
Dennis Publishing





Lisa Bouam
Business Development Manager