How Top Publishers Are Prepping for Cookie Death and More with VRM

Relationships matter…more than ever. Relationships drive revenue growth and are the foundation to solving a myriad of challenges publishers face today. The stronger the relationship with your visitors, the more value flows from each visit. Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) makes this possible with one tag, one vendor, one consistent visitor experience.

Relationships are also core to preparing for publishing’s looming challenges from privacy consent to post-cookie monetization

In this video from Admiral’s PubForum+ session, How Top Publishers Are Preparing Now for Death of the Cookie and More with Visitor Relationship Management (VRM), on December 8, 2020, they are joined by a panel of top publishers to share what steps they’re taking today to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

Learn how thousands of publishers worldwide leverage Admiral VRM to engage and communicate with visitors to build 1st party relationships and grow diversified revenue across Paid Subscriptions, Donations, Adblock Recovery, Email, Registration Walls, Identity and more.