Happensinadops Saves the Internet

Someone’s got to do it. 2020 might have seemed like the longest year ever, but 2021 is now upon us and it looks like a doozy—what’s your gameplan going forward?

What will success look like? The death of the third-party cookie is nigh, and we need to have a philosophical talk about the potential replacements—and how they pull off what they’re offering. And just what are we going to be measuring in the future?

At PubForum+ on Dec. 10, 2020, Happens in Ad Ops co-hosts Erik Requidan, Founder and CEO, Media Tradecraft and Ryan McConaghy, Head of Revenue Operations, The Atlantic, were joined by Amanda Gomez, VP, Revenue Operations, New York Post, and Danny Khatib, Co-founder and CEO, Granite Media to try and get to the bottom of all of this.

Watch the video of Happens in Ad Ops Saves the Internet from PubForum+ on December 10, 2o2o