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PubForum Spotlight: Evolving Ad Operations Through Self-Service

Self-service ad operations and media sales is really trending right now—Spotify, Hulu and Hearst are all doing it. At the recent PubForum in Santa Monica, Peo Persson, Co-Founder and CPO, DanAds, talked about the latest self-service ad operations and showcased how it could make publisher’s lives a little easier. We…

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PubForum Video: Keynote Jamie Gutfreund, Special Advisor at SuperAwesome

50th Publisher Forum Keynote Jamie Gutfreund came to AdMonsters with an interesting idea—she's currently a special advisor for SuperAwesome, which specializes in "kidtech" that enables brands to safely engage with younger audiences... You know, the ones that publishers have to be super cautious about targeting and collecting data from lest…

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SuperAwesome’s Jamie Gutfreund on Connecting the Dots Between Data and Marketing in a Privacy-centric Era

During her Publisher Forum Santa Monica keynote address, “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me: How Publishers Become Advertisers' Guides in a Turbulent Digital Ad Landscape,” on Monday, March 9, Gutfreund will discuss how stricter privacy laws, improving technology and shifting perceptions offer advertisers and marketers an opportunity to come together to…

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From Ad Ops to General Management: Altice COO Eric Harris On Building Dream Teams

During his Publisher Forum Santa Monica keynote address, “From Ad Ops to General Management—The Power of Assembling Dream Teams to Tackle New Frontiers,” on Tuesday, March 10, Harris will discuss how his early involvement with AdMonsters set him on his ad ops path and how he’s been building high-performing teams…

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Best Lawyer in Privacy and Data Security Law: Jessica B. Lee Bridges the Legal Gap Between Media, Privacy and Community

During her Publisher Forum Santa Monica keynote address, “Escaping CCPA Limbo,” on Monday, March 9, Jessica B. Lee will discuss the newly implemented (and still fluid) California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and how publishers and ad tech professionals can use the narrative of the law to build new bridges to…

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The Big Google Cookie Crumble: 5 Sessions To Help You Prep

Google’s recent announcement that it would follow Safari and Firefox in eliminating third-party tracking cookies—within two years—shook the digital advertising industry like an earthquake off the Richter scale. Are you panicking at the idea that the majority of your inventory will soon lack identifiers? Are you hyperventilating about digital publishers'…

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