#PublisherPOV: Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Ad Ops With Luis Romero

We took a peek behind the curtain of one of our PubForum Austin keynotes Luis Romero, SVP, Head of Sales North America, The Guardian US. Romero will discuss how sales and ops can mutually benefit from one another.

Romero leads a 40-person sales and marketing partnership team, with the ad ops team also reporting to him. His background in sales and marketing and having grown up in a large family provided him with keen insight into leadership and cross-team collaboration.

A Recipe for Success: Luis Romero’s Leadership Ingredients In this talk, Romero spilled the beans on his leadership style, inspired by his crowded New York City upbringing. Like a well-oiled kitchen, every family member played a crucial role, teaching Romero the value of team dynamics and defined responsibilities. He stresses that in a team, much like in a family, everyone’s contribution, big or small, is vital for overall success.

The Sales Stew: Stirring Up a Strong Sales Force Romero, who manages a 40-person sales and marketing team, reflected on his journey from a highly directive leader to one who values trust and expertise. He emphasized the importance of not having all the answers and the power of learning from his team. Romero likens his leadership to the ancient war general Hannibal, skillfully uniting diverse talents for a common goal, proving that a varied team can be a formidable force in sales.

The Secret Sauce of Ad Ops and Sales Collaboration Navigating the complex relationship between ad ops and sales, Romero advocates for a balanced blend of recognition and involvement. He highlights the essential role of ad ops in the forefront of business operations, challenging the notion of it being a mere backroom function. Romero believes that understanding and valuing the ‘art’ of ad ops is crucial for sales teams to thrive, advocating for equal participation and respect in planning and decision-making processes.

Communication: The Main Course for Team Collaboration In our world of over-communication, Romero reminds us that simplicity and clarity are key. He encourages asking the obvious questions and embracing vulnerability in not knowing everything. This approach fosters respect among team members and paves the way for effective collaboration. Romero’s strategy is akin to a well-prepared dish, where every ingredient complements the other, ensuring no flavor is lost in translation.

A Feast of Knowledge and Inspiration As Romero prepares to share his insights at the Pub Forum Austin — Can Sales and Ad Ops Just Get Along? —  he leaves us with a taste of his leadership philosophy: recognizing and valuing each team member’s contribution and fostering an environment where collaboration is not just encouraged but essential. His approach is a blueprint for any team looking to blend different skills and perspectives into a successful, cohesive unit.