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Monetizing Podcasts: A Q&A With NPR’s Brett Robinson

NPR's Serial is widely considered where the podcast trend hit its stride. No surprise then that the NPR team are also on the forefront of podcast monetization. Senior Director of Ad Operations Brett Robinson dives into the challenges his team worked through in building up their program as well as…

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Connecting With the Youth: A Q&A With Sweety High’s Frank Simonetti

Seriously, though, what IS up with kids these days? Sweety High CEO/Cofounder Frank Simonetti has some real observations on the media habits of young audiences, beyond the speculation and hyperbole we've heard elsewhere. Here's a preview of what he'll be talking about in his PubForum keynote on Tue., March 6.

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Reframing the Brand Safety Debate: A Q&A With Hulu’s Adam Moser

Brand safety is a hot topic again (or is it "still?"). Part of what's complicated about brand safety is that it encompasses a whole set of issues—and also, what's top-of-mind for publishers in this discussion isn't always the same as what's top-of-mind for brands and marketers. Adam Moser of Hulu…

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