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Connecting With the Youth: A Q&A With Sweety High’s Frank Simonetti

Seriously, though, what IS up with kids these days? Sweety High CEO/Cofounder Frank Simonetti has some real observations on the media habits of young audiences, beyond the speculation and hyperbole we've heard elsewhere. Here's a preview of what he'll be talking about in his PubForum keynote on Tue., March 6.

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Reframing the Brand Safety Debate: A Q&A With Hulu’s Adam Moser

Brand safety is a hot topic again (or is it "still?"). Part of what's complicated about brand safety is that it encompasses a whole set of issues—and also, what's top-of-mind for publishers in this discussion isn't always the same as what's top-of-mind for brands and marketers. Adam Moser of Hulu…

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Monetizing Podcasts: A Q&A With NPR’s Brett Robinson

By this point, it's pretty common for media companies to include podcasts in their bag of tricks. This is true regardless of what a publisher's core competency is--podcasts are part of the mix even if the company's roots are in print/text or broadcast/video. It's easy to understand why: Podcasts are…

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