New Year, New AdMonsters

In 2024, AdMonsters is Getting a Glow Up!

The importance of Ad Ops and Rev Ops within media organizations has never been more mission-critical than this year.

AdMonsters is bringing you the events, webinars, playbooks, awards, and networking opportunities to help you and your org own 2024. Want a little 2024 preview? Read on.

Mark your calendar with the official 2024 AdMonsters Events

My challenge to you: Plan to join your peers for at least two events this year. Bolster your skills and grow your professional network in 2024!

  • March 3-5: Publisher Forum Austin
  • March 13-14: CTV Connect | NYC (New!)
  • June 3-4: AdMonsters Ops | NYC
  • June 3: Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards | NYC
  • August 4-6: Publisher Forum Boston
  • November 10-12: Publisher Forum Scottsdale

Our flexible season passes get your team more education and actionable insights without breaking your budget. Ask me about the AdMonsters season pass program.

Our live events will be better than ever.
I’m excited to announce how we’re giving AdMonsters a glow-up at our live events:

  1. More of the publisher’s POV. We’re going to lean into our core value proposition in 2024: more of the tactics and tips you need, directly from your peers. We are the Publisher Forum, after all.
  2. More on buy-side partnerships. You want to have more sessions led by buy-side visionaries to help you understand how to best serve your advertisers. We got you!
  3. Less time out of the office. 2024 Publisher Forums will be 2.5 days, beginning Sunday evening with our Welcome events and ending Tuesday evening with our Pubs Night Out (after our famous off-site activities, of course). Fly home Wednesday morning.
  4. More opportunity for peer-to-peer workshopping. We get rave reviews on PubForum’s Wednesday Workshops, but sadly many folks end up missing out due to travel & time constraints. We’re moving them up to Monday so everyone can take part!
  5. Hotel booking upgrade. Attendees can now book their AdMonsters hotel rooms (at our guaranteed lowest group rate) just like any other hotel booking site. Book online and manage your reservation with full transparency. You also no longer have to pay the full room rate upfront, and you earn all the points! After you register for a 2024 event, you’ll be sent your hotel booking link.

There’s more! Our editorial coverage is going to slay. At AdMonsters, we’re a people-first organization, and that’s our focus for 2024: Our community. We’re here to champion you, the people who make digital advertising work.

Here’s to the work. Here’s to growth. And here’s to our community!  We hope to get stronger and smarter together in this new year and beyond.