Webinar Replay: The Revenue Boost You Could Use Right Now

Recorded April 30, 2020

Publishers, we know you’re hurting. AdMonsters is hearing so many tales of woe, with Q2 revenue down anywhere from 30%-50%. You need new revenue streams, and you need them now. Fortunately, there’s an untapped stream already roaming your properties.

Ad-blocking users are too often written off as “lost traffic” when studies show they can help revenue efforts when given the right incentives—anything from less intrusive advertising to the ability to pay cash for content. Considering ad-blocking users can average 15% of traffic, that’s potential revenue you should start capturing immediately.

This webinar will help you understand the various approaches to re-engaging the highly active, tech savvy and educated audience using ad blockers, while also examining what we can learn from ad blocking user behavior in building more user-friendly ad products and sustainable monetization strategies for a new digital media age.

Access the presentation here!

New Jersey Institute of Technology Report on ad-blocking whitelists.


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VP of Sales




Jayson Dubin
CEO and Founder




Jason Tollestrup, Washington PostJason Tollestrup
VP, Programmatic Strategy & Yield
Washington Post