Webinar Replay: Personalization With a Push

Today publishers face many challenges. With traditional methods of user engagement and acquisition being under pressure and reliance on walled gardens for traffic—it’s becoming much harder. But all hope’s not lost.

“Publishers have trust on their side and they should leverage that to deepen engagement with their users,” says Jeff Kupietzky, CEO, Powerinbox.

Browser push notifications are an exciting new channel for developing one-to-one relationships with users and delivering engaging contextually relevant experiences. Beyond that, though, is a treasure trove of audience data and serious monetization potential.

In this video recap of our webinar with Powerinbox, Personalization With a Push, you’ll learn all about the intricacies of this burgeoning channel as well as its massive revenue potential.

While push notifications may be easy to implement, deploying them well requires a thoughtful, ever-evolving strategy, as well as tools for custom executions. In this session, publishers Max Dennis, Director of Audience Development, Assembly and Chip Schaible Director of National Account Sales, IQVIA join Kupietzky to discuss their experiences with leveraging push.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get people to opt-in to push notifications;
  • The best strategies for building engagement and consumer trust;
  • How to balance personalization with privacy expectations;
  • How to leverage push engagement metrics and data;
  • How to monetize;
  • Plus so much more!


Jeff Kupietzky







Max Dennis
Director of Audience Development







Chip Schaible
Director of National Account Sales