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A Wild Decade at AdMonsters

Has Rob Beeler only been at AdMonsters for 10 years? It seems like he has always been the caretaker... As he scratches notch no. 10 on his AdMonsters belt, he takes a moment to contemplate how the industry has developed over the last decade. Spoiler alert: today's digital media landscape…

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Monetizing Podcasts: A Q&A With NPR’s Brett Robinson

NPR's Serial is widely considered where the podcast trend hit its stride. No surprise then that the NPR team are also on the forefront of podcast monetization. Senior Director of Ad Operations Brett Robinson dives into the challenges his team worked through in building up their program as well as…

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The Truth About Latency and the Header: A Chat With PubMatic

We’ve long been big header cheerleaders at AdMonsters, but we also have never shied away from one of its biggest setbacks: potential latency issues. Indeed, fear of latency has kept some premium publishers away from header integrations and continues to make others wary about embracing header tech too closely. At…

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Spare Some Change: A Conversation With Ops Keynote Tom Goodwin

“Digital Darwinism” aims to launch larger philosophical conversations about how technology is changing a variety of businesses from top to bottom. How does one adapt in the digital age—slowly in small increments or rapidly and dramatically? Gavin Dunaway catches up with Ops 2018 keynote Tom Goodwin to discuss the concepts…

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Rob Beeler learns the true meaning of rubbernecking, and he's here to tell us how it relates to Facebook's Cambridge Analytica/data privacy problems, GDPR preparation (or lack thereof), and buzzworthy tech like blockchain and AI.

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The Fallacy of the Right Ad, to the Right Person, Constantly

The data used for ad targeting feels more personal than ever, and the Cambridge Analytica story shows us the errors of levying personal information in ways users neither want nor expect. Publishers' job right now is to work with buy-side partners to find the right context for that personalization—and publishers…

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