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Spare Some Change: A Conversation With Ops Keynote Tom Goodwin

“Digital Darwinism” aims to launch larger philosophical conversations about how technology is changing a variety of businesses from top to bottom. How does one adapt in the digital age—slowly in small increments or rapidly and dramatically? Gavin Dunaway catches up with Ops 2018 keynote Tom Goodwin to discuss the concepts…

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Map to the Topics: Navigating the OPS Agenda

OPS approaches! Our yearly one-day gathering in NYC of more than 700 digital strategists from publishers, brands and agencies is merely a few weeks away (June 7!). If you’ve given a gander to the agenda lately, you may have noticed… There’s a lot going on. Yes, at times we are…

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The New Ways Agencies Take Ownership of Media Buying

The field of media buying, at one point the domain of influential agencies that specialized in that particular task, has been completely upended by the programmatic marketplace and other developments in transactional technology. In recent years, we've seen a great restructuring in who's involved in media buying and where they're…

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