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Ops 2017: The Video Preview Series

There's a lot for attendees to look for at 2017's expanded version of Ops (June 5-6 in New York), and in the interim, we have something for you to look at. AdMonsters rolled out a series of preview videos earlier this week, where you can scope out what you can…

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The OPS Are All Right: Highlights From the 2016 Event

“This is not a silver-bullet conference,” said AdMonsters Publisher Rob Beeler in his opening remarks at OPS NY this past June 7. “Does anyone make or use silver bullets anyway?”This was tamed down from my suggestion that any one of the 800 attendees using the term “silver bullet” be flogged…

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Map to the Topics: Navigating the OPS Agenda

OPS approaches! Our yearly one-day gathering in NYC of more than 700 digital strategists from publishers, brands and agencies is merely a few weeks away (June 7!). If you’ve given a gander to the agenda lately, you may have noticed… There’s a lot going on. Yes, at times we are…

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The New Ways Agencies Take Ownership of Media Buying

The field of media buying, at one point the domain of influential agencies that specialized in that particular task, has been completely upended by the programmatic marketplace and other developments in transactional technology. In recent years, we've seen a great restructuring in who's involved in media buying and where they're…

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AdMonsters OPS NY Live Blog

Coming to you live from New York, it's the AdMonsters OPS NY Live Blog! Advertising Week may be coming to a close, but it's not over yet. Stay tuned as we capture our lively agenda, covering digital strategy from the multi-screen experience to programmatic premium and beyond. 9:00 Rob Beeler kicks…

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Where Agencies Fit in OPS

So I see you over at your big ol' holding company office on Madison Ave. thinking to yourself, "Why should I, important agency person, haul my ass to 82 Mercer on Oct. 4 for OPS? What's in it for me?"Really, the question you should be asking is, "What's not in…

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