AdMonsters 2022 Premium Playbook Pack

As an industry, ad tech understands the importance of audience feedback. High-performing and relevant ads would not exist without the consumer’s input. 

The AdMonsters Playbook was born from that idea, and with the help of surveys, we gather and source data from our community. We wanted to hear how our core audience–publishers–dealt with industry changes and how they could work towards solutions. 

This year, the ad spend slowdown and updated privacy regulations greatly influenced industry practices. Rev and ad ops professionals could rarely walk into a meeting where the discussion did not revolve around these topics. Therefore, our 2022 Playbooks focused on efficient ways to combat these complications. 

We covered themes such as first-party data silos and how to bolster Rev Ops efficiency. Here are the Playbooks that defined the AdMonsters 2022 roster. 

How Publishers Balance Ad Revenue With Ad Quality

Let’s take a journey back to the past. When the world of digital advertising barely reached its full potential. 

Back in the digital dark age of 1994, the first ever internet ad appeared on That banner ad laid the foundation of a global industry that will exceed $717 billion. 

Digital advertising has evolved far past that revolutionary day in 1994, with programmatic being one of the most significant changes. While automation has done wonders for publishers’ impressions, a few breaches remain in the armor. The major breach is that monetization of impressions often trumps the quality of an ad. How do publishers balance the two? Read the survey to find out. Read more.

Why Publishers Need to Break Down Their First-Party Data Silos

First-party data is one of ad tech’s hottest commodities, especially with third-party cookie depreciation around the corner. Many publishers already sit on a wealth of first-party data because consumers are usually willing to sign up for newsletters and opt-in to data usage as long as they see the value. 

As Susie Stulz writes, “Sharing data internally allows publishers to create and demonstrate highly personalized value exchanges across all channels.” Now the goal is for publishers to harmonize their cross-channel experiences with personalized content for each user. Read more.

How Clickbait Ad Scams are Devised & Impact Publishers’ Sites

With scammers and bad agents lurking on your site, it is hard to escape clickbait ads in your content. It begs the question: 

  • How are clickbait ads getting on sites? 
  • What is the impact of such ads on the user experience? 
  • What is the effect on the publisher’s brand reputation?

To gain a better understanding, AdMonsters surveyed 148 publishers about their experience with the clickbait epidemic. Unfortunately, 69% of respondents said they found clickbait ads on their site despite their efforts to prevent it. Read more.

Opportunities to Drive RevOps Efficiency

Amid an ad spend slowdown, one of publishers top priorities is driving revenue efficiently. 

Publishers are well aware that creating efficient revenue practices is a multilayered process. It includes improving the quality of programmatic ads to attract premium advertisers, allowing consumers to report poor ads and acting on those concerns and streamlining the direct sale asset management process. 

Want to know other publishers’ thoughts? This playbook is tailor made for you. Read more.