The Big Google Cookie Crumble: 5 Sessions To Help You Prep

Google’s recent announcement that it would follow Safari and Firefox in eliminating third-party tracking cookies—within two years—shook the digital advertising industry like an earthquake off the Richter scale.

Are you panicking at the idea that the majority of your inventory will soon lack identifiers? Are you hyperventilating about digital publishers’ chances of survival?

Then you’ll want to grab one of the limited seats at AdMonsters’ 50th Publisher Forum in Santa Monica, Mar. 8-11.

Here are five sessions you don’t want to miss:

1. Monday Morning Keynote With Jamie Gutfreund

As strange as it may seem, the demise of the third-party tracking cookie—as well as other tumultuous industry shifts over the last few years—is not terrible for publishers.In fact, these major changes are presenting premium publishers great opportunities—in particular, the ability to cozy up to advertisers and serve as a guide for a landscape that’s transformed dramatically in the past few years. Using anecdotes from her long career on the buy-side, Monday Morning Jamie Gutfreund will show you just how to demonstrate your enhanced value with audience targeting, measurement, and insights to clients big and small.

2. Digital Media Drilldown With Jounce Media

Jounce Media’s research and predictions on the programmatic space have become quintessential reading for all digital advertising professionals. With a new report on “The State of the Open Internet” just released, the AdMonsters content team will grill Chris Kane about the bigger-picture consequences of Google’s cookie slaughter—consolidations, closings, courtships, oh my!

3. The Future of the DMP

OMG—without third-party tracking cookies, data management platforms are toast! Hold on there, partner—Lotame’s Adam Solomon will explain why the Chrome cookie dump is just part of a new chapter for DMPs, one in which they’ll become even more vital for publishers than before.

4. Let the Data Flow Throughout Your Organization

The exit of third-party tracking cookies calls for bold new strategies in data management—ones thinking beyond just the revenue department. Buzzfeed Director of Data Management, Josh Peters, shares his company’s experiences overhauling their data management program and its progress in building a circulatory system supplying multiple divisions outside revenue—think marketing and editorial—with actionable data insights.

5. Escaping CCPA Limbo

As if publishers didn’t have enough to worry about with the third-party cookie crumbling, more and more state governments are setting up data privacy laws faster than you can say “Consent.” Highest on every publisher’s mind is the California Consumer Privacy Act, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, will start being enforced July 2020… and doesn’t actually have finalized text! Loeb & Loeb digital privacy legal expert Jessica B. Lee will help you figure out how to future-proof your tracking and data programs to ensure you’re respecting user privacy and staying on the right side of the law(s).

Of course, third-party cookie talk will permeate the entire agenda of the Publisher Forum—truth be told, there isn’t one session you want to miss!