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What Is a SPAC?

With the pandemic putting a lot of digital media and ad tech companies in a black hole, SPACs are providing these companies with a means of digging themselves out. To gain a deeper understanding of SPACs, why they're trending now and how they can help digital media and ad tech,…

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No Better Time to Talk to Your User

"More often than not, my role on a panel is that of moderator and it’s my job to ask the questions and create the narrative," says AdMonsters Chairman, Rob Beeler. A couple of weeks ago, however, I got invited to be on a panel hosted by Admiral and the Local…

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Client-Side vs. Server-Side? It’s a Draw

While it may come as no surprise that Google AdExchange generates the most programmatic revenue for U.S. publishers, when it comes to the battle between how much revenue is generated from client-side vs. server-side, we can pretty much call it even-Steven, according to a new report from Roxot called US…

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