How Do You Balance Ad Revenue vs. Ad Quality? Take Our In-App Ad Quality Survey

Since the Pandemic, mobile app usage is trending upwards providing publishers with more revenue opportunities than ever. But big tech privacy changes and mounting privacy regulations — along with a mobile ecosystem chock full of bad actors — are all threatening to thwart publishers’ lucrative futures.

Malvertisers are injecting deceptive and offensive ads into the ecosystem and those bad ads are damaging brand reputations and preventing publishers from providing users with high-quality experiences. The lines are steadily blurring between security and ad content. And we want to know how publishers are thinking about this shift. Take our survey to share your in-app ad quality challenges with your peers and learn the best practices for tackling them.

Some publishers are starting to look beyond automated blocking tools, towards fine-tuning content in-app so that they know that both their audience and ads are appropriate. But is that enough?

As well, how has in-app ad quality changed as a result of Apple’s ATT framework? What do users expect from the ads they see in-app and do their expectations differ between gaming and non-gaming?

We’re seeking insight into your experience with in-app ad quality for an upcoming Playbook, with the support of GeoEdge. We’re diving into the current state of in-app ad quality. and we’d like to learn how your team is prioritizing ad quality challenges this year. In return, we plan to provide you with some tips on how your in-app inventory can be optimized to hold on to your users while maximizing ad revenue.

Take our survey now, to share your insights with the AdMonsters Community so that we can all help one another and solve this issue together!