Protect Ya’ Rep: Take Our Publisher’s Brand Suitability Survey

When you think about ad quality, how important is brand suitability?

Now that digital advertising is entering its third decade, AdMonsters is keen to assess the state of advertising.

Specifically, we’d like to understand the risks publishers face, whether advertising can serve as a strategic differentiator, and whether or not publishers can support their brand suitability goals in programmatic channels. 

AdMonsters Publisher’s Brand Suitability Survey

As the fight for who owns brand safety rages on, AdMonsters, with the support of GeoEdge, is creating a playbook that helps publishers mitigate risk without compromising scale. And more importantly, how they can determine the right partners who will help ensure that ads appearing on your site serve as a differentiator in the marketplace and fully contribute to your bottom line.

Your contribution to this survey will help other publishers fully understand how to bridge the gap between risk and reward.

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