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Skipping the SDK in Mobile In-App

If you want to see veins pop in your mobile developer’s head, just tell him or her you’ve got five new SDKs to integrate stat. Many a programmatic mobile in-app deal has evaporated at the very mention of the dreaded SDK. But what if you could on-board a native demand…

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Have We Reached the Limits of Ads.txt?

It's been reported this week that 1,400 mobile apps loaded ads on TV Guide's domain. How did this happen, in an age when everyone's on board with Ads.txt? Well, the answer is simple, but it's not what you want to hear: The buyers just hadn't been scanning those Ads.txt files…

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Clearing the Way for In-App Transparency

To deliver on the potential of automated buying and selling in the in-app space, advertisers, publishers and our industry as a whole are doubling down on transparency initiatives that make it harder for issues like fraud to take root and restore the faith in the good actors. Here’s a look…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Mobile App Advertising

When the iPhone App Store opened its metaphorical doors in 2008, it signaled a dawning age for digital media. Applications were by no means a new phenomenon—the majority of software on laptops, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices are applications. But accessing online media through an application other than a…

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