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SuperAwesome’s Jamie Gutfreund on Connecting the Dots Between Data and Marketing in a Privacy-centric Era

During her Publisher Forum Santa Monica keynote address, “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me: How Publishers Become Advertisers' Guides in a Turbulent Digital Ad Landscape,” on Monday, March 9, Gutfreund will discuss how stricter privacy laws, improving technology and shifting perceptions offer advertisers and marketers an opportunity to come together to…

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Turnin’ 50 Ain’t That Bad

Each and every Pub Forum is an experience. AdMonsters Chairman, Rob Beeler, sometimes wishes we didn’t call it a conference. “The AdMonsters Experience, Santa Monica 2020” sounds pretty cool, no? It’s because of this, he finds it hard to identify a “favorite Pub Forum” or “favorite location." Here’s his attempt…

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The Big Google Cookie Crumble: 5 Sessions To Help You Prep

Google’s recent announcement that it would follow Safari and Firefox in eliminating third-party tracking cookies—within two years—shook the digital advertising industry like an earthquake off the Richter scale. Are you panicking at the idea that the majority of your inventory will soon lack identifiers? Are you hyperventilating about digital publishers'…

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PubForum Scottsdale: A Pictorial Retrospective

Ops is sexy. Ops is people. Ops is community. If you ever attended an AdMonsters Publisher Forum, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't—sorry for ya 😢. The 3.5 days brings together a small select group of publishers, data professionals and other digital media stars (the unsung…

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PubForum Scottsdale: Startup Showdown

Typically during the November Publisher Forum, we ask attendees to come up with an ad tech startup that would solve a particular issue that's driving them nuts. You can bet this is an interesting portal into ad ops' biggest—while some fake companies address novel up-and-coming challenges, others elicit an appalled…

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