Hiring, Training and Managing in 2020 and Beyond

How do you hire, train, and manage during a pandemic?

The year 2020 was an unprecedented year for ad ops. With Coronavirus and racial injustice coming to a head, a new set of rules were thrust upon management.

Now with folks working-from-home for what seems like indefinitely, as well as furloughs and layoffs reducing staffing, things couldn’t seem more challenging. Instead of getting stuck like a bunch of deer in the headlights, innovative folks adjusted plans accordingly, shifted schedules, reprioritizing tasks, and instead of complaining they created solutions.

In this video from AdMonsters PubForum+ December, 8-10, 2020, a group of managers—including Janelle F. Faulk, Global Head of Advertising Operations, Bloomberg; Anne Thiel, Director, Ad Operations, Cox Automotive; LeeAnne McElligott, Senior Manager Ad Systems & Trafficking, Digital, PGA Tour; Jennifer Castillo, Sr. Director, Ad Operations, Slate; and Kristin Carriero, Senior Director, Print and Digital Operations, Crain Communications—moderated by Melissa Chapman, Founder and Principal, Part Two Consulting, discussed their challenges and successes in hiring qualified candidates, getting their teams trained speedily, and keeping morale up during tough times.

During their session, Hiring, Training, and Managing, they tackled the following questions:

  • How are things different during the pandemic? How will they be post-pandemic?
  • Has your organization taken any steps to improve diversity and inclusion? How has that rolled down to your team(s)? What have you done, or tried to do, in your team?
  • Have you had direct conversations about racial justice, lack of diversity, systemic racism – the uncomfortable stuff? What was different after?
  • How has culture thrived or faltered during this time?
  • How have staff cuts impacted how your team or your organization works?
  • Have you looked for more outsourcing or automation? Why and how does it fit in?