PFV Video: Under the Hood With Prebid 4.0

Prebid.js launched in 2015 with the goal of making header bidding easier for publishers and is used by the majority of major publishers today. In 2017, became a neutral industry organization formed to offer guidelines and development support for Prebid products.

Recently named to the Board of Directors at Prebid as a publisher representative, CafeMedia’s Patrick McCann is tasked with ensuring that publishers’ interests are heard throughout the organization and to communicate those interests to developers.

McCann took to the main stage at AdMonsters PubForum Virtual a few weeks back to provide an overview of the latest rev of Prebid.js, Prebid 4.0.

“Prebid 4.0 is a pretty big release in the sense that it adds a focus on trust. Trust in our partners and trust that the software is compliant with various regulations and that communication is standardized and you don’t have to do customizations for every partner that you have,” said McCann.

Watch his full talk in the video below to learn more about the updates to Prebid.

You might also want to read McCann’s recent article on AdMonsters, “Sellers Need Buy-Side Transparency,” where he wrote:

At, much of our recent work has been around standardizing how buyers and sellers communicate with each other. In the past, prebid adapters have consumed information in very different ways, but as that type of information becomes common to transmit, publishers tire of configuring it for each demand source in a different way…With Prebid 4.0, much of the standard ways of communicating will become recommended behavior, with an eye towards making them required in future major releases.