AdMonsters 2021 Webinar Replay Roundup

Missed an AdMonsters Webinar in 2021 that you really wanted to tune into live? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

AdMonsters webinars are available on-demand, so you can view them any time, on your own schedule. 2021 webinars covered the most pressing issues facing the digital media and advertising industry, from developing a scalable first-party data strategy to identity solutions and cookie replacements to OTT and CTV privacy controls to maximizing revenue in email plus more.

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OTT & CTV Privacy Controls: Activating Choice & Transparency in Apps

The shift to OTT and CTV creates an opportunity for publishers to engage a growing audience and deliver personalized experiences – and that includes privacy controls. Tegna is on the path to providing that transparency and choice with their OTT audience. In this webinar, Chris Fehrmann, Tegna VP of Digital Products, and Alex Cash, OneTrust Consent and Preference Management Lead talked about how your team can deliver personalization, and build trust within your streaming app. Watch this webinar on-demand now!


Unlocking a Creative-First Approach to Social Display

As alternative ways to distribute social content become increasingly important, publishers are offering solutions to help brands take their social creative and run it across publisher inventory with Social Display. Celtra Senior Product Marketing Manager Nikki Gartner discussed how to apply creative effects to Social Display and showcase new workflows that allow even non-designers across account and sales teams to build and activate Social Display with no coding or design experience. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to turn Social Display content into a premium ad experience. Watch this webinar on-demand now!


How Top Publishers are Using VRM to Prep for UIDs, FLoCs and Revenue in a Cookieless Future

With all the uncertainty about the cookieless future, as a publisher, there’s really only one way to future-proof your business: grow relationships with your visitors. There is no single “silver bullet” technology — whether it’s Universal IDs, FLoCs or subscriptions — that will save publisher revenue and jobs in a post-cookie world. Join Dan Rua, CEO, Admiral, as he speaks with Rob Beeler, Founder & CEO, Beeler.Tech, Arvid Tchivzhel, GM Digital, Mather Economics, Kevin Cooper, SVP, Digital, Boone Newspapers, and Derek Nicol, VP, Advertising Technologies, ViacomCBS about two visitor-first publisher efforts that should be your primary focus right now, in preparation for the uncertainty of 2022. Watch this webinar on-demand now!


Identity is a Team Sport: How Publishers & Marketers Can Move Beyond the Cookie Together

How are marketers and publishers preparing for a post-cookie world? Lotame commissioned a survey of over 1,000 marketers and publishers across the globe to find out. In this webinar, Alexandra Theriault, Lotame’s Chief Customer Officer, presented key survey findings from “Beyond the Cookie: The Future of Advertising for Marketers & Publishers” to set a baseline for our live case study discussion. Alexandra was joined by Advance Local and Rush Street to walk through how they’re actively implementing and testing identity solutions, and what they’ve learned along the way. Watch this webinar on-demand now!


Personalization & Privacy: Your Third-Party Cookie Replacement Game Plan

Chrome’s delayed cookie deprecation may bring a sigh of relief, but other browsers like Safari and Firefox already implemented blocking third-party tracking cookies, further emphasizing that it’s never too early to start planning for when third-party cookies are totally gone. It’s important to understand how the deprecation of third-party cookies could impact your website. This way, you can make the necessary changes before third-party cookies phase out completely. In this webinar Arshdeep Sood, Solutions Engineer at OneTrust, explains why it’s important to ensure that you have a CMP in place to adhere to regulatory guidelines now — while cookies are still around. Watch this webinar on-demand now!


How Pubs Are Increasing Revenue While Delivering Premium Ad Experiences in Email

By leveraging your first-party audience data, you can build a scalable ad sales program around premium ad packages. Publishers know that advertisers will pay more for premium ad experiences as they drive better engagement, and Sandow Media has seen the results. They’ve streamlined workflows while delivering dynamic ads with more granular targeting and personalization. And with fewer banner ads, the newsletter reader experience has dramatically improved. Jessica Munoz, SVP Product Marketing & GTM Strategy, Liveintent, and Bobby Bonett, VP Digital, Sandow explain how you can use Liveintent’s Native Ad Blueprints in your email newsletter program to improve operational efficiency, improve ad experiences, increase revenue and engagement. Watch this webinar on-demand now!


No Third-party Cookies, No Problem: Ranker on First-party Data in a Privacy-safe World

The need for first-party data is creating a shift in power towards publishers. Why? Because publishers have a direct relationship with their readers, giving them access to unique insights about audiences that advertisers crave. In this webinar, Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor, AdMonsters, converses with Dana OMalley, National VP of Sales at Ranker & Lauren Kroll, Customer Success Manager, Permutive, as they dive into the goldmine that is publishers’ first-party data and why it’s so powerful. Watch this webinar on-demand now!