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Going Full Stack: AppNexus Acquires YieldEx

Consolidation in the digital ad technology industry has started a new trend: going full stack. For some time, publishers have had to choose between one unified tech stack (ahem, DoubleClick) or piecemeal point and multi-point solutions connected by duct tape (aka, integrations). But full stacks appear to be on the rise,…

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The Publisher’s Guide to Surviving December

December is upon us and everyone is scrambling to either hit or exceed revenue goals for the year. Unfortunately for many publishers, one thing is working against you: declines in traffic. It seems people still prefer to be with their families during the holidays instead of visiting your site –…

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Let’s Hear It for the Girls… And All That Extra Inventory

The past two weeks’ Olympic triumphs and tragedies have driven home to me the importance of publishers’ need to use technology to monetize dramatic spikes in traffic. Ok, you wonder how I can make the leap from sports spectaculars to advertising inventory monetization.London 2012 is an amazing – actually a…

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Q and A: Speakers at the Publisher Forum in Amsterdam

Last week AdMonsters held the 16th European Publisher Forum in Amsterdam. Before the conference we asked several of the speakers key questions on topics that are important to ad operations. While all of our conferences are focused exclusively on online ad operations, the Publisher Forum is even more specific in…

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I recently spoke to the Yieldex Summit about areas for return on investment within organizations and thought I'd share some of the take aways.  Theres a lot of competition in the market, as our 'industry's favorite slide' keeps demonstrating.  The dramatic evolution in the ad technology and systems space is…

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Online Video Yield Optimization the Right Way: Less Time, More Money

Death, taxes, and yield optimization: they’re all inescapable, and each one is about as pleasant as the others. There’s no denying that yield optimization is important, especially for online video ads, which now draw a vast amount of money industry-wide. Still, having your ad operations team spend the entire day…

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