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Doing More With Small Teams: A Q&A With The Economist’s Sergei Bachtin

Sometimes, when you look behind the scenes at a big-name premium publisher, you find vitally important and complex tasks handled by a shockingly small group of people. Small ops teams aren't only the domain of fledgling young media companies--although they are certainly a hallmark of those businesses, too. Being part…

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Efficiency Within Complexity: A Conversation With Quantcast’s Adrian D’Souza

Call me a borrower, a copycat or even a thief. Many years ago, Adrian D’Souza led the first AdMonsters session that had a large impact on me, and the outline of his operational process at CNET became the model for building out my department at Advance Digital. To this day…

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Things Publishers Need to Hear

The end of the year brings with it a ton of online advertising industry events. I looked forward to this year's crop with the goal of finding something that  ad operations professionals from publishers could use to bring value to their companies. It seems to me that the majority of…

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