Bringing Sexy Back to Working in Digital Media and Ad Tech

In a recent article on the predictions of journalism in 2022, we were reminded of the crushing reality that our college degree did not spearhead the career we studied so hard for. In fact, that unpredictability of career trajectory is the only thing we can confidently bet on.

Fast forward to the great resignation of 2021. Now, this is obviously a result of the pandemic but also employees sobering up and reevaluating their values, worth and boundaries. So what does that mean for the digital media and ad tech industry? It’s a great time to reflect on our approach to teaching, hiring, and retaining top talent as we get closer to the New Year.

11 million job openings were reported as of the end of October, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of all the industries, tech is getting hit the hardest with resignations increased by 4.5%. But we can attempt to close that revolving door and reshape the industry’s future in a few ways:

Open up the talent pool: While resumes are important, the old school method of scanning for keywords and specific responsibilities cannot be the end all be all for interview consideration. Candidates are doing the work to expand their skill set through legit online courses like LinkedIn Learning and Udemy. This dedication to learning coupled with beneath-the-surface skills could be a huge asset for individual teams.

Put a little lipstick on your recruiting approach: The result of the great resignation is just like dating these days. It’s a sea of options for employees so how will your company stand out? We’re not saying everyone needs to create a rap video like Canvas Worldwide but it is beneficial to identify your unique value proposition for employees and bring that to the forefront.

And yeah, DEI isn’t going away: While it took too long and some really painful incidents (that are ongoing), a serious commitment to DEI initiatives both internally and externally is an important step in retaining talent, especially Gen Z. And honestly, the only way to truly take digital media to the next level is to reassess the decision-maker table and ensure no one else looks or thinks just like you.

Flexibility is no longer a negotiation: Work as we knew it two years ago is a distant memory and it’s never ever coming back. People want to work but from where they want to and sometimes when they want to. Instinctively, no is the first answer to this but why not? This industry is built on innovation and that shouldn’t be siloed to only what we do. It has to be expanded to how we do it too.

Digital media and ad tech is evolving at Usain Bolt speed but if there’s any industry that’s up for the challenge, it’s this one. Just always remember, that ops innovation is people and ops is sexy.