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Doing More With Small Teams: A Q&A With The Economist’s Sergei Bachtin

Sometimes, when you look behind the scenes at a big-name premium publisher, you find vitally important and complex tasks handled by a shockingly small group of people. Small ops teams aren't only the domain of fledgling young media companies--although they are certainly a hallmark of those businesses, too. Being part…

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Solving the Talent Gap

 In my years heading up an operations department, I would dread hearing those words. Too often it was someone who wanted to stay with the company, but the allure of more money elsewhere was too much. Sometimes I could keep them with a counter-offer, but that only works so many…

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No Job Shortage in Ad Tech…

In light of the big “day of action” by Occupy Wall Street last Tuesday, I thought it was an appropriate time to talk about a common theme of the protests: jobs. Over and over again we hear the chants of “jobs for the 99%.”However, the positions of the protesters stand…

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